The CombiTac advantage

CombiTac is the ideal all-in-one modular connector system for demanding applications that require a constant, safe and stable connection.
Thanks to the tried and tested MULTILAM Technology, CombiTac contacts can achieve up to 100’000 mating cycles and reach current levels up to 300A.
As a solutions provider, we offer our customers A-Z support in designing their own 100% customized CombiTac, designed and adapted to meet exact customer specifications.

MULTILAM Technology

• High efficiency electrical contact
• High rated current and short circuit carrying capacity
• Minimum contact heating
• High resistance to oils, shock, and vibrations

Long life components

• 100'000 mating cycles
• Misalignment absorption through float mounting
• High resistance to shock and vibration
• Added pin protection through protective walls

Space saving solution

• High density configurations
• All required contacts in one single connector
• Double row housings available
• Minimum size contacts, highest performance

Reconfigurable and expandable

• Quick and easy reconfiguration of module positions
• Empty slots can later be used by adding contacts
• Easy removal and replacement of parts


• 100% customizable
• Length adapted to meet exact customer cutout dimensions
• A-Z support in designing your CombiTac
• Supply of 3D CAD models and real samples

Cost saving

• Long life components thanks to MULTILAM Technology
• Reduction of service and replacement costs
• Delivery of complete solutions, including pre-assembled cables through one single supplier

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