CombiTac connectors are the expert choice for applications that require all-in-one space saving modular connectors that reach high voltage and current levels, and high mating cycle contacts that guarantee long life performance under the most demanding mechanical and environmental conditions.

Our user friendly online Configurator enables you to build your own CombiTac step by step. As a solution provider, we also offer our customers worldwide A-Z assistance in designing their own 100% customized CombiTac connector, adapted to their exact technical and dimensional needs, and supplied with or without cable pre-assembly.

• 5 kV / 300 A
• Signal, data, fiber optic, thermocouple
• Pneumatic, fluid (up to 15 bar)
• IP65 and IP68 housing, rack & panel float mounting

• 100% customizable
• A-Z design support worldwide
• Supply of 3D CAD models and real samples when required
• Delivered with or without cable pre-assembly

• 100'000 mating cycles
• High resistance against shock and vibrations
• High density configurations
• 100% customizable

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