Aerospace / Defence

CombiTac is used in several Aerospace & Defense testing & embedded equipment applications, such as aircraft engine test benches, multimedia equipment, and power distribution units. CombiTac is a very reliable interface for rugged applications including power distribution architectures for land systems in the defense field, or rack/blind mate connections for power electronics modules (PEM) such as converters.

Battery packs

CombiTac is used for the transfer of power (up to 300 A per contact, under 1000 V), data and signals to the on-board battery systems of armor vehicles.

High density configurations ensure that all required contacts are integrated in a single complete CombiTac solution and space restriction requirements are met.

CombiTac is chosen here for fast and safe connecting and disconnecting process, and provides a reliable stable connection with high resistance to shock and vibrations.

Power distribution

CombiTac is used as a connector system between the main power distribution and the on-board LRU's equipment ( converters, rectifiers, etc.) for the transfer of power, data, and signals.

This solution has a high resistance to vibration, shock, and high temperatures, and has been adapted to meet next generation aircraft electrical requirements for higher voltages, reduced sizes, and improved heat dissipation.


In engine and on-board system testing applications, CombiTac is used as an interface between test samples and test and measurement equipment, for the transfer of power, hydraulic, pneumatic, data and signals.

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