The growing need for optimum efficiency and productivity of automotive manufacturing processes makes CombiTac the perfect solution for applications that require robust long life connectors that guarantee a constant and stable connection under the most demanding conditions.

CombiTac connectors are also used with automotive test and measurement equipment, ensuring a reliable and safe connection for the transmission of power, signals, and data, through a single modular connector for rack or panel mounting, or within a suitable housing.

Thanks to the tried and tested MULTILAM Technology, CombiTac contacts can achieve up to 100’000 mating cycles and reach current levels up to 300A.

Test bench for the testing of car engine

Car engine testing facilities use CombiTac as an interface between test object (car engine) and test and measurement equipment, for the transfer of power, signals and data.

CombiTac ensures the fast exchange of test object and guaranteed accuracy of test results during the testing process.

Production testing of electrical components

CombiTac is used for manually connecting various test cabinets to the main test & measurement equipment, and provides a single interface point for the transfer of power, signal, and data.

To cover the need for future connector adaptations, the CombiTac is quickly and easily reconfigured on site, changing the position of modules, replacing or adding new modules, without the need to replace the connector.

Testing equipment

CombiTac guarantees a reliable connection between a test rig and equipment under test, and guarantees the quick and safe connecting and disconnecting of all power, signal and data connections in one single step.

The CombiTac is included in an aluminum housing and power contacts are used that can reach current levels up to 300 A
and high voltage up to 5 kV.

Automatic testing lines

To ensure the production testing process runs uninterrupted
over long periods of time, automatic production testing line equipment require reliable connectors for high mating cycles.

CombiTac contacts are designed to achieve up to 100’000 mating cycles, and will guarantee error free test results.

A single solution with power, fiber optic, and coaxial contacts, featuring float mounting for easy automatic insertion.

CombiTac Configurator

CombiTac Videos

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