As large machinery become more powerful, and with modularity in manufacturing resulting in increased use of exchangeable parts, there is a need for connectors that will guarantee a fast changeover of parts and provide the necessary power, data and signals.

CombiTac connectors are used with tool changers, automatic presses, packaging & sealing machines, power and control supplies, and welding machines, which require robust long life connectors for a constant and stable connection when exposed to high vibrations and high mating forces. CombiTac contacts can reach up to 100’000 mating cycles and current levels up to 300A.

Milling machines

In multipurpose milling machine applications, CombiTac is
used as the main connection between the main machine and the spindle head body, ensuring a reliable and steady connection for the transfer of hydraulic and electrical power, signal and data.

With contacts designed to achieve up to 100’000 mating
cycles, and a very high resistance to shock and vibrations, CombiTac ensures that milling machines will meet their high performance expectations and reduce maintenance costs to the minimum.

Sealing machines

CombiTac is used for safe and fast exchange of tooling plates
in an automatic food weighing and packaging machine,
providing the necessary power and data connections between the various tooling plates and the machine.

Robot machines

Within a limited space, a CombiTac connector is able to combine all the necessary pneumatic, data, signal and power connections between a controller and a robot used for cleaning and inspection of ventilation ducts. An IP65 housing protects the contacts against external influences, and at the same time provides a stable and secure connection.

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