CombiTac - Concept & applications

CombiTac modular connectors allow you to combine various contact types such as power, signal, data, thermocouple, coaxial, fiber optic, pneumatic and hydraulic connections in a compact frame or housing.
CombiTac is the perfect choice for modular connectors in numerous demanding applications that require versatile, reliable and long life solutions.

CombiTac - The Modular Connector System

Our modular connector system CombiTac allows individual combinations of power, signal and data contacts, pneumatic couplings and more in a compact frame or housing. Electrical contacts are based on our proven MULTILAM technology.

CombiTac Applications
Machinery / Mobile Container Bridge

CombiTac for power and data transfer to an electrical operated Rubber-tyred gantry cranes (RTGs) or mobile container bridges

CombiTac Applications
Machinery / Duct cleaning robot

CombiTac for pneumatic, power & data transfer to a robot used for cleaning and inspection of air-conditioning ducting, kitchen
or industrial-vents.

CombiTac Configurator

CombiTac Videos

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