Coaxial, fiber optic, CAT6A industrial fast Ethernet (10Gbit), Profibus, Profinet, Interbus, CAN-BUS

Coaxial 6 GHz

• Data transmission
• 50 Ω coaxial up to 6GHz
• Crimp RG58, RG316/U, RG174, RG188
• SMA for various RG cables (6 GHz)
• 100’000 mating cycles

Coaxial 1.5 Ghz

• Audio and Video transfer
• RG58, RG59
• BNC type connector with crimp termination
• 5000 mating cycles

BUS system data transfer

• Ethernet IEEE 802.3,Profibus, Profinet, Interbus, CAN-BUS
• 8-pole connector with 1mm pins
• Shielded connector for pin protection
• Single or double connection carriers

BUS data with RJ45 interface

• Ethernet IEEE 802.3
• RJ45 input
• 8-pole shielded connector for pin protection

Fiber optic

• 2- or 3-pole plastic fiber optic carrier (POF)
• 4-pole glass fiber optic carrier (GOF)

10Gbit Ethernet CAT6A

• 10Gbit fast Ethernet CAT6A
• M12 or RJ45 input
• Shock and vibrations resistant IEC 60512-6-4
• Railway compliant EN 45545-1
• 8-pole shielded connector for pin protection

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